Case aspect about high replica watches Planet Ocean

The following are all the accessories that are used in this watch. The overall structure of the watch case is three-piece structure, case, sealed back cover and soft iron antimagnetic cover.

Some details about the high-profile Planet Ocean, especially regarding waterproofing, are also reflected in the same series of AQUA TERRA, including the design of the tube, the waterproof ring deployment of the back cover, etc. Of course, the exhaust valve still has no functional design, but its waterproof can at least reach the level of AQUA TERRA 150M, and its design can also be used for swimming fake watches, diving, and so on.

However, as to whether it can reach a depth of 600M, it is still temporarily untestable, because after all... We are small teams, and we can't rent submarines for the time being. Here, I want to give you a science-related misunderstanding about waterproofing. The most advanced waterproof equipment that can be bought on the market can only simulate the air pressure in a 50-meter environment, and this is already a large amount of air pressure. Knowing that at the end of World War II in 1947, the maximum dive depth of the most advanced submarine at that time was only 60 meters. It is impossible for a normal human to dive to a depth of 30 meters or less. Regarding the authentic waterproof test, the model watch is tested by renting a deep-sea submarine or custom-made high-energy air pressure equipment, etc., and the limit of the watch is tested. Thus setting a waterproof depth, so some exaggerated waterproof depth of genuine watches, such as Rolex's SEA 3600M, and Seamaster's 1200M, are the conclusions, this is like Omega's genuine Speedmaster series replica watches, only in 1972 In the Apollo program, American astronauts once wore OMEGA watches on the moon, but it does not mean that every Speedmaster series has experienced NASA inspections and boarded the moon. Therefore, it is not necessary to entangle the parameters in terms of waterproofing.