About the wearing of the replica watches

About the wearing of the replica watches

I believe many people know the classic series of replica OMEGA, Planet Ocean. But about this 1948 replica watch, whether it is high imitation or authentic, there are not many people who know it, then this genuine only sold 1948. What kind of secrets does the Planet Ocean Liquidmetal special edition have?

First of all, the old rules are for everyone to explain some of the history of the genuine Planet Ocean, and related information, the original model of Omega Planet Ocean is from fake Omega "Marine" in 1932. This is OMEGA's first diving replica watches shopping, and the world's first Diving watch, belonging to the constellation series at that time, interested friends can look at the Wikipedia link at the bottom.

However, the Seamaster series we have seen so far appeared in 1948. After 67 years of light and shadow, it has been designed to this day. In the continuous update, the exhaust valve, the coaxial movement, the silicon hairspring, etc. The new technology enriches OMEGA's products, including Seamaster.

The watch we reviewed today is a limited edition, the first fake watch that OMEGA launched in 2009 using Liquidmetal® as the outer ring material, limited to 1948 worldwide, and in the next few years, Jaya Watches that did not use Liquidmetal as the outer ring material appeared, both genuine and high imitation, have disappeared.

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