The replica watches uses a smooth surface of zirconium dioxide as the base material

In addition to the above-mentioned Liquidmetal bezel is its unique highlight, the Planet Ocean 600M Liquidmetal 1948 Special Edition is the last Planet Ocean 600M in the original Planet Ocean 600M series, and since then Omega history With the appearance of the most beautiful OMEGA.Cal.8500 series movement, Omega no longer needs to use the dense bottom to cover the original movement, and it is also the last uk replica watches in the original OMEGA using soft iron magnetic technology. Since then, anti-magnetic technology has focused on the hairspring, as well as handling on the movement plate, such as the silicon hairspring, and the Omega Cal.8508 movement in the AT150M.

This replica watch is literally a glossy facet of zirconia based in the original replica OMEGA, which is very common on the Sub). Although it is firm and reliable, it is not easy to corrode, but it will be very fragile in front of the metal. Therefore, when installing this watch, you should pay great attention to protecting the word, because once it is scratched, it is equivalent to the word scrap and cannot be used. In the hands and the luminous, SuperLume® luminous materials are still used. It is also worth noting that the previous Planet Ocean is green in both genuine and high imitation hour hands, but this Planet Ocean Liquidmetal is after 2009. The ancestor of the Planet Ocean 600M, the hour and night lights are the same blue as the other night lights.

The new generation of the Planet Ocean 600M does not have too many articles on the strap, the diver's expansion buckle, the correct lettering, are the standard configuration of this high imitation Planet Ocean Liquidmetal, for this vip replica watches strap, I will not Do too much narrative. If you can't have a place, you can ask questions.

The above is the full details of this high imitation Planet Ocean Liquidmetal® 1948. I believe that after reading this article, everyone will also pay attention to the original intention of the original fake Omega non-perforated replica watch after 2019, as well as the details of the high imitation. Have a detailed understanding.