Automatic rudder to make a very delicate correction replica watches

If the literal upgrade is a talent that needs some research on high imitation Patek Philippe, then the upgrade on the movement is a full-scale change to the customer's psychology. It can be said that this is the movement you can see now. Closest to the authentic Patek Philippe Cal.324 CS, the basic movement is MIYOTA 9016 calibre, using the more advanced technology than the high imitation OMEGA Cal.8500&OEMGA 9300, the position of the shock absorber is corrected fake rolex, and a whole piece of splint is divided into The six sections decorate the blank 9015 movement without affecting the stability of the movement.

At the same time, the automatic rudder also made a very fine correction, the entire automatic rudder adopts the sun twill Polish, no matter how you look it is very close to the genuine.

Today, the introduction of Patek Philippe Nautilus series and the latest explanations about the high imitation Nautilus are all these. I believe everyone has already understood it. In short, this is an upgrade to the OMEGA CAL.8500 solution. The original movement deck turns into a multi-deck, mixing the whole process with the original blank movement replica watches, and making a greater improvement in the senses. This kind of craft will be used in more high imitations in the future.